At Home Euthanasia

Making the decision to say goodbye to a much loved pet is very difficult and traumatic. There are a number of reasons that have led you to this decision, but it’s always still a very solemn and challenging time in our life.

The team at Wet Noses provides a caring, compassionate and personalised home euthanasia service for sick and terminally ill pets. By coming to your home, we can prepare a familiar, peaceful setting and surround your pet with the things and people they love.

For cats and dogs, euthanasia is a very humane way to terminate life and causes little to no pain or distress in our pets. Our team provide preparation guidance and advice, as well as bereavement support during and after this difficult time.

We are also more than happy to assist with the co-ordination of cremation, burial, or funeral services, to ensure your pet is remembered in the way they deserve.