What veterinary care & treatment can you provide at home?

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What if my pet requires further investigation, treatment or surgery?

Wet Noses has a large number of partner Veterinary and Emergency Clinics. If your pet needs further treatment or surgery, we will refer you to a partner practice and Wet Noses can still provide all post treatment and ongoing care.

What happens if it’s late at night and suddenly my pet becomes really unwell?

In this situation, you should contact one of our emergency partners. Click here for more information.

We are now sadly considering euthanasia for our beloved pet. Do you do this at our home and what’s involved?

Euthanasia of your pet is probably the most difficult decision you will have to make for your pet, even when you know it is the right decision.

Being able to remain at home with your beloved pet in familiar and comfortable surroundings will make the situation less stressful and ease the process a little for you and your pet. You will be able to have all the support around you that you need. Wet Noses will facilitate the process in the most sensitive way for you and your pet and if you would like any special requirements, these can be arranged.

Wet Noses will take care of everything so you can concentrate on just being with your pet at this most significant time in their life.

Can you help me with post euthanasia options and support?

Following euthanasia, Wet Noses can discuss your wishes with you and also organise the management of your pet’s body. When you are ready, Wet Noses can take your pet’s body away based on the arrangements according to your wishes.

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I won’t be able to be home at all but I’d still love you to see my pets. Can we leave you a key?

Unfortunately we are not able to enter your property if you are not in attendance.  If you are not going to be able to make your scheduled appointment, please call us immediately.  We will do our best to re-schedule at a time that better suits.

Please refer to our cancellation policy for more information.

Can you help me keep on track of all of our injections and can you remind us about appointments?

Yes – we can certainly schedule regular check ups and vaccinations as part of the wellness program for your pet.

Wet Noses will always organise reminders for any procedures or health checks and vaccinations that your pet needs so you need not worry about forgetting to keep up to date with your pet’s general health care.

What areas do you travel to?

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My pet records are currently with another vet - are you able to access these?

Yes.  With one quick phone call, we can organise to have your pet’s records electronically sent to us.  Wet Noses Mobile Vet uses a world-class animal and practice management system, in line with what leading Vet Clinics would be using.

Do you keep full records and retain a history of all consultations and treatments?

Yes.  Wet Noses Mobile Vet uses a world-class animal and practice management system, in line with what leading Vet Clinics would be using.  We are able to access your pet records from any location, at any time.

Do you offer specialty care?

Some conditions greatly benefit from seeing a Veterinary Specialist and we will always advise referral when appropriate.  Wet Noses can conduct follow-up care and monitoring at home to simplify your pet’s recovery.

What are the mobile service hours?

We see patients by appointment only.

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Do I need to have an appointment?

Yes, patients are seen by appointment only.

Schedule appointments by calling 1300 85 10 20, or by filling in our Contact Form

What forms of payment do you accept?

Wet Noses accepts payment via EFTPOS (Major Debit and Credit Cards).

We do not accept Cheques, Cash, American Express or Diners Club.

Please note, full payment is required at the end of your appointment.

Can I make part-payments?

No, payment in full is required at the time of service.

Why is seeing a Mobile Vet better than taking my vet to a local clinic

It’s clearly a personal choice, and both options will offer the treatment and assistance you need.

For more information on why you should choose a Mobile Vet, click here

How do I schedule an appointment?

Schedule appointments by calling 1300 85 10 20, or by filling in our Contact Form

Will you come to my house for just one pet?

Absolutely! While multi-pet households find our services especially convenient, we are happy to provide veterinary services for any client – whether they have 1 pet or 10 pets!

We don’t charge our full consultation rate for the second (third or fourth!) pets, we have a special rate for multiple pets.  Just ask when you call and we will explain this in detail to you.

What is your cancellation policy?

Wet Noses will confirm your booking on the day prior. Please call us immediately if you are not able to make your scheduled appointment. 24 hours notice of cancellation is requested, but we also understand that last minute circumstances may change.

Should we arrive at your property and nobody is home, we will attempt to contact you. If the appointment does not go ahead, we will add a $55 inc GST cancellation fee to your next booking. You will be advised of this cancellation surcharge when you re-book.

Can you process my Pet Insurance Claim?

Yes.  We will ensure you have the relevant paperwork required to be able to immediately submit your claim form.

If you don’t have a claim form on hand, we will be able to quickly supply you with one from your relevant insurance provider.

If my Pet needs to be referred for Specialist treatment, do you provide the Specialist with the relevant information and Pet history?

Yes.  Our world-class animal and practice management system ensures that everyone responsible for the care of your Pet, will have current, accurate information along with the full history as relevant.