The Wet Noses Story

The Wet Noses story starts a long time ago…

Noah used dogs to patrol his ark and keep the animals safe. One day, while sniffing around, the dogs discovered a coin-sized hole in the ark. One dog quickly plugged the leak with his nose while the other ran for help. Noah patched the hole in time, and everyone aboard was saved.

As a result, God bestowed all dogs with a cold, wet nose as a reward for his quick thinking.

Wet Noses was Founded in 2015 by Dr Kyra Craft and Kara Roberts.

After many years working as a Veterinary Surgeon – predominantly on the Gold Coast but also in the UK – Kyra saw a growing need for an “At Home” Veterinary Service. Over the same period, Kara had been struggling with taking her large dogs to the vet (especially with a new baby to also manage), and would often ask about the availability of the local vet to come to her – to no avail!

Together they hatched a plan to make taking care of pets a little bit easier, and ultimately, to make your life easier.

So here it is…. Wet Noses Mobile Vet!

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Our Head Veterinarian

Dr Kyra Craft BVSc (Hons)

Dr Kyra is one of the Founders and Directors of Wet Noses.

Kyra graduated from the University of Queensland in 2003.

After working in Northern NSW, followed by a stint in the UK, Kyra settled on the Gold Coast to be close to family (and the beach of course!) She has worked extensively in several areas of the Veterinary world – including Emergency and Critical Care, as well as Small Animal Medicine and Surgery. Now with two young children and many of her own pets to look after, Kyra has found her niche as the Head Veterinarian at Wet Noses.

This role enables Kyra to provide an exceptional quality of care and treatment for your pets, in the peaceful and calm environment of your own home.

Contact Us today on 1300 85 10 20 or fill in our contact form.